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Current Courses

Middle School Choir- This course is combined age levels grades 6-8 comprised of students who wish to further their singing experience and begin musical literacy skills. Year long course.

Concert Choir- This is our high school choir that has performed at a variety of community and school functions, learning a variety of choral literature as well as working on reading music notation. There are 3 concerts per year as well as participation in district contest and other events as scheduled.  Year long course.

Beiriger Band - This is our 5th grade beginning band. It meets before school for the entire school year.

Beginning Band- This is comprised of students in their first year of playing, concentrating heavily on instrumental fundamentals and music notation reading.  There is 1-2 concerts per semester.  Year long course.

Middle School Band - This is the course for our middle schoolers with previous band experience to continue their skills in order to prepare for High School Band courses. Year long course.

Jazz Band - This course explores jazz styles of music, including reading lead sheets, charts, improvising, writing, reading chords, and the overall performance style of jazz. 

Symphonic Band- This is our most advanced band that is performing advanced music in school and around the community. Students entering this band are already proficient music notation readers, and will learn more advanced music notation skills. Students in this band are eligible for participation in Marching Band, Jazz Band, and Musical Pit Orchestra.  There are 4 concerts per year as well as participation in district contest, Pep band, and other events as scheduled.  Year long course.