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NEW Student Drop-Off / Pick-Up & Bus Drop-Off / Pick-Up Location Information

In accordance to recommendations outlined in our District Safety Audit, conducted in the Spring of 2018, the Griffith High School and Griffith Middle School Campus will have a different Student Drop-Off / Pick-Up location and Bus Drop- Off / Pick-Up location than in previous school years. Additionally, there will be new restrictions to several parking areas around the campus.
Student Drop-Off / Pick-Up will be moved to Wiggs Street. Students are to utilize and enter/exit through Door N between the following times:
  • A. Student Drop-Off = 7:15 AM to 7:45 AM
  • B. Student Pick-UP = 2:30 PM to 3:15 PM
  • C. Students being dropped off or arriving after 7:45AM, must enter through Door A (Griffith High School & Griffith Middle School Main Entrance)
Bus Drop-Off / Pick-Up will be moved to Raymond Street. Students who ride the Bus are to enter and exit through Door C.
Staff Parking Lot (Permit Only) – Raymond Street Lot.
  • A. Staff are to enter through Door A
  • B. GHS or GMS Visitors are to enter / report to Door A
  • C. Central Office Visitors are to enter / report to Door C-2
Student Parking is available in the Wiggs Street Lot ONLY.
  • A. Students must have valid permit displayed on rearview mirror
  • B. Student drivers are to enter through Door N until 7:45 AM. Students arriving after 7:45 AM must enter through Door A.
Student Parking is prohibited in the Raymond Street Lot and along the entire length of Raymond Street. Parking on Raymond Street is limited to Resident Only on School Days from 7:15 AM to 3:15 PM and will be Strictly Enforced.

Please see the overhead view of the GHS/GMS Campus for a visual depiction of the new Student Drop-Off / Pick-Up and Bus Drop-Off / Pick-Up Areas and Parking Lots.